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Our english meals

We ate a lot of english specialities like fisch and chips. In France, we eat steak with chips whereas in England, they eat fish and chips. It is very good. We also tasted the famous english tea with cucumber ! In France it’s different from England : we drink tea with cakes. Both of them […]

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Many memories in mind …

During our trip, we coped with the rain and the cold but this travel was wonderful !  

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Our little story

While we were walked in the street, we unexpectedly met. We met Zinédine Zidane. He was on holidays in London. We made fotos with, him. He spoke about his carrer. He signed autographs. Unlike the guide, he was wearing casual clothes and a patterned shirt.

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Our visits

We visited a lot of monuments. First we visited Big Ben, with its big clock is less hight than Eiffel Tower. This monument was beautiful. Then, we visited London in turistic bus durig to hours. This double decker bus was very different from the french bus. We also saw Buckingham Palace with a French guide. […]

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Our trip

Samuel and me spent two weeks in England. We took the plane from Nantes to London.   We stayed in a hotel called Kesington West.

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